• Customized Fat Loss Review – Scam Or Not?

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    Customized Fat Loss is the weight loss program by Kyle Leon which is being marketed as a customized personalized solution for people with weight problems.

    This plan provides a personalized diet plan with regards to the individual’s body type. There are actually 6 body types each of which has to be treated completely different than others.

    Some people with certain body types may find it harder to lose fat or gain muscle while some others may not. It’s a fact that any individual should eat according to his/her bodytype for optimal fat loss. And this fact is the reason why many of the fat loss and diet programs are doomed to fail. The effectiveness of CFL plan is due to the fact that it gives each individual the diet plan customized for his/her body and bodytype.

    Customized Fat Loss has an application to be used by the people who purchased the program. An individual first enters his/her body details into the software (i.e. height, weight, age etc..) Then the software, depending on the bodytype calculates the optimal calorie intake per day and generates the customized meal plan for the person.

    There are also some additional guides included with the Fat Loss. These are the supplementation guide and a complete workout plan again tailored for the specific bodytype of person.

    What Is Inside CFL?

    • The Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss System.
    • Training Guide: This is the three months workout plan to help shape the body quickly.
    • Supplementation Guide: Information on which supplements work best.
    • Unlimited Upgrades.
    • Peak in a Week: The revolutionary body sculpting technique to transform you from weak to peak in just a week.


    • This plan seems to be optimized mainly for the US market.
    • This fat loss program is really brief and tells you directly what you should do. However it doesn’t give much information on why to do so. Kyle Leon may have included more background information.
    • KyleLeon tries to encourage the reader to buy the supplement products of the company he works for. However it’s not mandatory to do so to have success with the plan.


    • CFL is really brief and straight to the point. The entire book and bonus guides don’t have excess and useless information and because of that it’s not difficult to read and understand.
    • The software that comes with it is also very easy to use. You just enter your details and it does the rest.
    • The diet plans that the CFL generates are not that hard to get used to.
    • As it is customized for each of the bodytypes it works for almost any kind of person. Be it a little fat or really really fat.
    • The program also lets the person choose and build his/her own meal plans.


    Customized Fat Loss seems to be one of the best options for people searching for a fat loss program that does work. Kyle Leon is an expert nutritionist and fitness coach and being so he shares his knowledge with this program. The diet and workout plans included with the program are not that hard to follow and they’re also very well individualized for the person which isn’t the case with other weight loss products on the market.

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