• Fat Loss Factor Program User Reviews – Legit or Scam?

    by  • March 29, 2012 • Fitness, Health

    What Exactly Is It?

    Fat Loss Factor program is a weight loss system created by Dr. Charles LivingstonĀ which aims to help people who are willing to get rid of their unwanted fat in order to have a healthier body.

    The methods outlined in the Fat Loss Factor program are a collection of guidelines on getting a proper and healthy life style plan quickly so the person can lose his or her excess fat fast. Starting from the first principle to the last, the program guides the person to find the way to succeed in his/her weight loss journey by eating the proper food for his body and by exercising with the right mental attitude. The program has practical and effective recommendations for losing excess weight and keep it off after then.

    The program begins with the person entering his or her body statistics like weight, length and body fat percentage. In the course of the program you’re also recommended to monitor your progress by comparing your before-after photos and outfits. Monitoring your progress by doing so just makes it easier to continue with the program by making you feel more and more confident on yourself day by day.

    What Is Inside The Program?

    • The main FLF ebook to get the body you dream of.
    • Fat Loss Factor Blueprints to get you started.
    • FLF Workout guide
    • FLF Exercise Log sheet with which you can monitor your fat loss progress easily.
    • 15 Minutes Sample exercises to shed burn fat fast.
    • FLF Recipes ebook and grocery list.
    • Goal Setting Guide to help you set and monitor your goals.
    • Master Cleanse videos to teach you how to cleanse and detox your body.


    • The informative video clip on the official website gives out some solid and good information upfront and it is free of charge so you’ll already know what you’ll get when you buy it.
    • There’s also five easy tips to help you lose weight included in the video. You can try these before buying the program to see if it works.
    • The program when purchased comes as a complete weight loss program. One purchase and you get the whole program right away.
    • Looking at the price of Fatloss Factor guide is much cheaper than other weight loss products on the market. Plus it is not a scam and it works.


    • There may be some difficulties to get used to the diet plan and exercise routine. But after you get used to it, it becomes easier.


    Fat Loss Factor program is a well thought of and designed fat loss and nutrition system which provides the consumer with effective methods and tips on losing weight quickly. It is also brief and uncomplicated to understand and follow so if you’re in need of a decent and effective weight loss program it’s perfect for you. Added up with the 60 days full money back guarantee, this system would absolutely not be a risky investment.

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