• Smart Pc Fixer User Reviews – Is it Legit or Scam?

    by  • March 27, 2012 • Registry Cleaners, Software

    Smart Pc Fixer Overview

    If you have read the latest Smart Pc Fixer review, then you know that the critics are loving the Smart Pc Fixer. Unfortunately, the more each review sings its praises, the more they are attracting people to take advantage of customers who want to buy it. What allows scams to be so successful is that they play on our desire to have something and hopefully, to be able to get what we want as fast as we want it and for a great price.

    What Is Smart PC Fixer?

    Smart PC Fixer is a brand new registry cleaner tool which has been released on February 25, 2012.

    Details And Features

    • Scan and Clean: This one is as its name suggests the tool to scan the registry for problems and clean them after they’re found. There’s also the Junk File Cleaner and Evidence Cleaner (for browser history, cookies etc..) which can be used to clear sensitive personal information from the computer.
    • System Optimize: This is the tool to be used for optimizing and speeding up the computer. The tool can optimize your services, desktop and startup to make your computer run faster.
    • System Fix: This can be used to scan for and diagnose non-registry related problems your pc may have. The tool can diagnose and fix problems on broken shortcuts, winsock2 problems, broken file associations, ActiveX problems etc..
    • System Tools: These supplementary set of tools include: File Splitter, Disk Defrag, BHO Manager, ActiveX Blocker, IE Management, IE Restore, IE Toolkit, Uninstall Manager and Windows Update.
    • Backup: Backing up the registry and your computer with this tool ensures you’re always safe in case you accidentally delete an important file.

    Our Evaluation Report

    • Ease Of Use – SmartPCFixer is not that hard to use and simply easy to navigate through its interface. However some advanced features may need some digging to locate.
    • Special Features – Smart PC Fixer has numerous special features like: fix broken shortcuts, fix winsock2 problems, fix broken file associations, fix ActiveX problems etc..
    • Errors Removed – It took about 6 minutes to complete a full scan. Only 2 scan and clean operations could fix all the errors the computer had.
    • Customer Support – Smart PC Fixer has 24/7 online support.

    Bottom Line

    Smart PC Fixer is a decent software which is not only a registry cleaner but also a complete set of tools for easy computer maintenance. The software also comes with a 8 week refund guarantee which is also a huge plus. There is also the option to download and use the software free of charge for a period of time and only after that you pay for it if you want to. Having said that it’s your choice if you want to download and try Smart PC Fixer and see for yourself if it works.

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